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Our Beer

It's not only our handcrafted beer and soda that makes us great, it's our colleagues who are involved every step of the way!
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Founder's Series

With a tip of the toque to our founder Niall Fraser, we carry on the proud tradition of brewing our four signature beers. Using only our local, fresh, cold mountain water and Alberta grown, 2 Row Barley, our beers have consistently held to our uncompromising level of quality, freshness and flavour. Try us again for the first time.

Powder Hound Blonde Ale

A light and sweet straw coloured blonde ale with just a kiss of  hop character, this clean and refreshing beer is perfect for the patio any time of year.

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Rutting Elk Red

A medium bodied Scottish style red ale, this beer has a rich malty flavor with layers of chocolate & roasted malts and just enough English hops for balance.

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Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat

A pale golden light bodied and sweet easy drinking ale with a touch of honey flavor.  If the beer list has you a bit overwhelmed, this is a great place to start.

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Bighorn Nut Brown

Medium bodied, modestly majestic. Our BIGHORN NUT BROWN proudly boasts complex malt characteristics with a subtle English hop profile. Ascend to higher ground. Summit & savour.
ABV 5.5%, IBU 18

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Big Head Bottle

Beavertail Raspberry Ale

A pink hued unfiltered wheat ale made with loads of real whole raspberries. A combination of malt sweetness and raspberry tartness make for a very refreshing and light beer.

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Summit Series

Series of our newest beers, created and brewed at our brewery facility. These beers are the views of our backyard.

Rundlestone Session Ale

This pale & light bodied beer has IPA characteristics in an easy and approachable lower alcohol package. Bright, citrus hop character is supported by a light crystal malt backbone and a clean bitter finish.

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Rundlestone 3D Can.png

Three Sisters Pale Ale

Your prayers have been answered. A delicious, fruity pale ale has risen from the clear waters of the Bow River and anointed you with heavenly beer bliss. Salvation is one sip away.

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Evolution IPA

This balanced golden copper coloured IPA has a big hop aroma of citrus and passionfruit which combines with resinous and pine hop flavors leading to a softly bitter finish. This is the clear choice for hop-heads!

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Seasonal Series

Beers brewed inspired by the seasons and based around local ingredients.

Hey Babs

With heartfelt inflection, the call of "HEY BABS!" echoes throughout our brewery. From young apprentice to qualified brewer, the indispensable BABS pretty much runs the show. To celebrate her 5th Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew, she presents you: HEY BABS! A dark cherry and raspberry kettle sour. A beer shout-out from a great woman who creates great beer.

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Hey Babs

Lawn Chair Lager *Coming May 2021

Lagers and lawn chairs. The perfect union of refreshment and nylon luxury. A beautiful symbiotic relationship we can all reap the benefits of, can after can after can. Light on the pallet with a bright refreshing finish. The balanced bitterness leaves your pallet cleansed. Very thirst quenching. The beer finishes quickly as if you didn't even have a sip. This is going to be a great patio. Higher carbed on purpose.

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Lawn Chair Lager 3D Can.png

Sou'Wester IPA

Embodying the spirit of Burgeoning New England IPA Style, the Sou'Wester IPA is all about big fruity hops, silkiness and retrained bitterness.

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Bohemian Pilsener

Light and sweet pilsener malt flavors dance in a delicate balance with spicy and floral Saaz hops, while a clean, refreshing bitterness leaves you ready for the next sip. Crisp and refreshing Czech lager.

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Lemon Shandy *Coming April 2021

There’s nothing quite like a crisp spring afternoon in the mountains. That’s the inspiration for our new Lemon Shandy. A refreshing blend of a traditional Witbier and our own fresh, homemade Lemonade. The perfect thing to quench the thirst of a weekend warrior or a patio partier. And at just 3% alc./vol. you won’t lose that spring in your step either!

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Lemon Shandy

Canned Cocktail

Gin Squeeze

We all need a squeeze from time to time don't we? Grizzly Paw handcrafted Bitter Lemon Soda, natural lemon juice and Gin lovingly compressed into a compact little package. Ready to embrace at will.

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GIn Squeeze 3D Can.png

Grizzly Greyhound

Grizzly Paw’s take on the Greyhound cocktail using our HandCrafted Grapefruit Soda. Expertly Blended With Alberta Vodka & Mountain Water.

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Grizzly Greyhound

Mountain Mule

Grizzly Paw’s take on the classic mule cocktail using our recognized hand crafted ginger beer in the ultimate combination with Alberta made vodka. Conveniently available in a 4 pack of cans for any adventure you encounter.

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